Holidays Around the World

North Pole Montessori will be hosting an open house event Wednesday 12/12 from 5:00pm-7:00pm. We will be celebrating winter holidays from around the world, an extension of our current curriculum. We will also have homemade gingerbread cookies to decorate. We welcome you to come experience the excitement of Montessori and maybe learn a little as well! More details under events on our Facebook page!

Happy Holidays from all of us to you!!!

What’s Happening?

With the holiday season quickly approaching I wanted to share some additions, changes, and fun we will be experiencing at NPM!

The website now has a “Parent Resources” tab which will be updated with upcoming events, contains a list of required snow apparel, and will soon have some great information about lessons children are likely coming home talking about. Please make sure, as a parent, you are checking in on this somewhat regularly 🙂

We also received our amazingly comfy beanies and adult hoodies. Our supply is quickly diminishing so if you are looking for a stocking stuffer idea or simply want to get one for yourself, get your payments in under the “Pay Here” tab or directly to the school. Also if you are struggling with gift ideas for your children (or family members are asking for ideas), I have added gift certificates to the “Pay Here” tab. There is no better gift for parents and children alike than education, instead of another item which may only hold its luster for a short period. These certificates will be printed so there is a tangible item for the children to receive.

I have reviewed our attendance and payment options and starting 2019 there are a few changes to ensure the children are getting enough time in the classroom. Along with this, I want parents to be able to receive consistent billing each month as well as have a clearer picture of funds I can use for school expenses such as staffing and maybe getting into a larger space. I know these changes may come as a shock to some, but I promise I am only making changes in the best interest of NPM and its students!

Tomorrow, Tuesday 11/20 we will be having Pie Day! This is an amazing experience my family was able to share at a different school and we loved it so much we wanted to pass along the fun. The children will spend time making their own pumpkin pies which will be ready to take home at pickup on Tuesday! Parents are welcome to attend. It should be a great day!

The month of November is quickly coming to a close and we are about to pick up all of our food donations at our various locations! The children and I are excited to sort, count, weigh, and distribute our final tally. This has been a great topic of discussion and the learning opportunities continue to grow from this event. We appreciate you for your donations if you’ve already had the chance to participate and we welcome you to get those last minute donations in as we are just about 10 days from closing it out.

Personally, I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such an amazing start here at North Pole Montessori! We have all learned a lot together and the bonds formed just continue to grow. I appreciate each and every person who has been a part of this tremendous experience so far!

November- Food Drive

One of the best parts of the Montessori curriculum is being able to apply real-life aspects to lessons. When thinking of a subject to dive into for the month of November, food quickly came to mind. There is so much to learn about food to include the need for nutrition for many people in our community. This is going to be a really great month and I cannot wait to see the enjoyment the children find when we are able to tie everything together and lend a helping hand! Thank you to the local businesses who agreed to assist by being collection sites!!!NPFD Flyer

The 3-Hour Work Cycle

The concept of a 3-hour work cycle is something which can only truly be understood by being in the environment. Observation is something highly encouraged in the Montessori world. Parents are welcomed into the environment where children get to be themselves, explore their interests, and become a part of a bigger community. I was introduced to Montessori thru a course at UAF and once I was intrigued I began to do some additional research. The amazing video link below was something I found, have witnessed at other schools in Fairbanks, and have the privilege of experiencing on a daily basis in my own classroom. I invite you to take a look at the amazing morning of a young child to offer more clarity on the 3-hour work cycle.

I hope you enjoy!


Why Early Childcare Matters?

A recent research project left me a bit stunned and even more motivated to discuss the importance of Early Childhood Education. For some reason, our local area has and continues to leave education less than fulfilled. Unfortunately, the idea of Early Childhood Education is pushed even farther into the shadows. The question must be raised as to “Why is this happening”? The answer is simple… we are viewing Early Childcare as daycare, a place to let children play. When in fact we should be instilling values of “school” and incorporating the fun in learning. This is how we pave the way for positive views and in turn positive achievements when children reach primary schooling age.

I encourage you to take a closer look at the importance of quality schooling in the preschool years. Never judge a book by its cover, get out there and ask questions. This creates a positive image with communication to children and it really starts important discussions about what is available to get children started off on the right foot.

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Who can believe we are moving our way into October?! We enjoyed an absolutely perfect start to the month with 65 degree weather. In the spirit of fall, Halloween, and Dia de Muertos we are exploring pumpkins. Later this month we will dive into a couple of lessons about the holidays celebrated at the end of the month. Happy October from North Pole Montessori!!!

Peace Day

A big thank you to those who joined in our Day of Peace celebration! We had a great time reading, socializing, and received a warm welcome to our new peace room. We hope everyone finds their peace roses as a welcome addition to their own homes!

This Friday, September 21st is the International Day of Peace! Maria Montessori established an important aspect of her curriculum to incorporate peace in three different stages. We would like to take the time to discuss and celebrate the topic. We will be holding a storytime with crafts and discussing the peace pledge. We welcome all ages to join 10:30-11:30am. Further details are available on our Facebook page.  See you on Friday!